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Well if so let s discuss what sort of video content you’d need to be producing. Based on the study by Hyperfine Media people were asked: ‘which online video most influences your decision to buy’


N1 Product review videos.

2nd most popular search of any product/service is Name of product/service + review

You can create a review video yourself outlining the key features of the product/service, what problems it solves and what are the benefits of obtaining it long term. Unpacking boxes and over the shoulder videos always work well as viewer is able to visualise themselves into the picture of “The new, improved & supercharged me.” A great idea is to ask your fans/ passionate advocates of your product or service to produce a review like that to obtain a real endorsement from real people which instigates trust and boosts the authority. And there is only 1 thing better than being endorsed – it being endorsed by someone with great authority J If you get a chance spend some time and budget to getting the right influencers on board who will do the heavy lifting for you and showcase your offer to the existing audiences/tribes in an engaging manner.

N2 Launch videos / branded promotional videos.

That also incorporates explainer videos where you showcase what your product/service is all about. Usually that involves some sort of pain targeting, then the solution that you offer, then outlining the assets of your solution and why it is unique and it is the best followed by a call to action. If you do the promotional video right – that can make you big alone. There is a whole science behind it and a multitude of ways to approach it which is the topic for our separate conversation. For now let s keep it simple and just bear in mind that your customers want to see a short-form video content that encapsulates all the things that you offer and that should be done ideally in under 1:30 mins

N3 Customer testimonials.

These are essential to the perfect closure – last touch of approval that IT Works! And that it is life changing is like a magic spell that drives viewers straight to basket. Depending on how advanced your first pioneers are (trailblazers who tried and tested your product/service whilst maintaining patience and resilience in the eyes of bugs, limited functionality and/or the flaws in design) it is not out of the question of rewarding them and providing a script to follow, yet the most genuine testimonials would always make a difference and increase the authority

The remaining results went to:

Entertaining/funny videos 13%

Instructional video 7%

Animated videos 7%

The latter types of videos are more coherent to long-term publishing strategy where you consistently produce video content and form dedicated audiences around it. To find out your unique voice to do so and figure out what IS the cool material your target audiences engage the most with just start publishing. Start with something that you love – follow the style and the feel of the videos that you already enjoy watching, dissect them through SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) and find out where is it that your strengths lie. May be it s the depth of content coverage, the uniqueness of design/animation, the intrinsic sense of humour.


And here is a dose of inspiration by Bruce Lee: “Long-term consistency trumps short-term intensity.”

To your success. Realized.