An extraordinary way to design and promote your brand.

We take care of everything. From captivating web design optimized for conversions to traffic acquisition, influencer marketing and conversion optimization, we do it all. All you have to do is sit back and let the results pour in.

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Say Wow to What You Get

If you believe you deserve the best. you are in the right place.

We design extraordinary web presences that are optimized for conversions via social media traffic. 

And we do it FAST.

Like mega fast as the timing is the key.

Then, we utilise Tiktok to get you massive exposure for a minimum price with the rapidly tested content that converts.

Why all that?

Because we have a hands on experience in launching a whole range of projects from NFTs & web3 to large conferences and cool brands.

Web design

4 sections on 1 landing page - same as you are looking at now
  • 48 hours turnaround time
  • Visual editor with How To videos

Tiktok ad setup

3 Creative split tests & inital £100 ad spent
  • 48 hours setup completion
  • 3 Creative split tests & inital £100 ad spent

Ad maintenance

3 Creative split tests/month & optimizations
  • continuation of the setup service
  • 3 Creative split tests/month & optimizations
- 01 STEP

Create high converting website with lead capture

- 02 STEP

Create user generated & AI generated content for ad campaigns

- 03 STEP

Do split test & optimise

- 04 STEP

Scale & scale


"Are you going to force me to dance?"

"I don't do that well when I am sober, you know..."

No need to share any public performances. We reach out to Tiktok influencers with a well defined brief and a script for their reference. Then we wait up to 3 days to get user generated contect that will become the base for the ad campaign launch on Tiktok.

We utilise AI for content writing to split test the creatives and find the one that converts like a Superstar. Then we scale and get you 10,000+ users/day type of traffic. 


Whom are you dealing with??

That is the question that is probably crossing your mind now!
My name is Maria and by scrolling this far you can very likely tell that I love animations and special effects since my attention span is even less than 4 secs and what a gold fish supposedly has...

I am a huge believer that

I work with an incredible team and quite mind-blowing AI that makes really awesome things a reality.

my own Tiktok ventures (no dancing unfortunately on this one)

For real!

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