Have you ever wondered what it takes to produce a YouTube video like that?

Is the route to high quality engaging video content this torturous, challenging and tedious?

No! Let s break this myth!

It is actually much easier than you have thought and much more accessible than it is believed so. I am going to show you now top gear I use for the clients and myself that can significantly improve your video quality.

  1. Sound quality. Use a lavalier microphone – I use Speedlink –see details in the video description – you can get it from Amazon for under £10. Also there is Audio-Techica which does a good job too. I like to shoot full length so for that you might need an extension – Rode one works swell. If it’s an interview of 2 people you might think of getting a microphone splitter to plug them all.
  2. If you are recording music and atmospheric sounds a really great tool is zoom h2 – it looks quite handsome too actually so that you can feel yourself like a true reporter
  3. Lighting – get the continuous lighting! Fullstop. Better 4 but you can get along with 2 to start as well
  4. I love fancy backgrounds like Alice in wonderland who was able to think of 6 impossible things before breakfast, with green screen you can imagine yourself being in 6 impossible places at a time.
  5. Camera – you can use your smartphone. Or you can go DSLR – anything starting from Canon YouTube 700D and Nikon D3300 work really well – they d start from approx. £350 and the Sky is the limit

That’s it! And remember… as Winston Churchill nicely put it: “Success is never final, Failure is never fatal. Courage is all that matters.”

To your success. Realized.