Exact strategies and insights to create a meaningful 6 figure business with the power of high quality video production.

Learn how to generate FREE TRAFFIC with high-quality GAME-CHANGING videos and to CONVERT that traffic into paying customers and clients.

create and leverage “YOUR SUPER HERO STORY” with video

forget GURUs, avoid ridiculously expensive production mistakes, think different when it comes to TRAFFIC [get dirt-cheap views that Mass-Prequalify your audiences] and create ECSTATIC INSTANT BOND with your viewers so that they’ll want to buy from you even when you’re not selling.

If you are still wondering why Video, let's once and for all clarify that:

  • 74% of All Internet traffic in 2017 will be video
  • 64% is how much more likely a website visitor is to purchase a product/opt in for an offer after watching a video about it
  • 80% of Internet Users remember video ads
  • 100% CHEAP. Video views are cheap. Full stop. We are talking 100x cheaper when compared to Google text ads

If 1% of them converts I am sorted!

The truth behind wildly COMMERCIALLY successful video marketing campaigns they never tell you about is the actual SCIENCE and groundwork that goes into them.

And this is NOT the science social media agencies, growth hackers and independent consultants will tell you for free on their blogs:

"Produce quality content and publish it on social channels as frequently as possible." 

Spend 1 month producing a video. Upload it to YouTube (60% of videos get less than 100 views). Upload it to Facebook (60% of people who liked your page won't see your updates in their feeds unless you promote them). That will lead you to... 53 views, 2 likes, 3 shares, tons of wasted time, money and low engagement (yet full of encouragement!) coming primarily from your FFF (friends, family and fools). Which consequently leads you to hire social agencies so they "BOOST" the post, run some ads and get random likes here and there with NO track record of who these people are. 

Or may be as a medium business you are considering Influencer outreach (either managed by an agency or in-house) where Influencers, ie people with thousands and millions of followers produce a branded video message on YouTube or Instagram that gives your brand an instant celebrity status. Indeed, sounds swell in theory. YET... Just spare a few hours browsing one of influencer networks such as famebit, gen.video, social bro, etc to get a reality check. We are talking $1500+ for any shoutout reaching 100K audiences. We are talking of having NO control how your brand positioning takes place and in what instances/surroundings. A guy playing video games and mentioning your company name in the context that he doesn't have to work at a bar this month since you just provided him enough cash to survive. Link tracker shows a great amount of High Bounce rate visits with NO conversions.

Congratulations! Your site is popular! For a day. Then Google penalizes you for the bounces and pay day comes from the network. ROI nowhere to find. Yet the increase in engagement is most certainly there :)  

So what should I do then, you might be asking? What's the right thing to do?

Learn How To Become An Influencer Yourself. Once And For All.

To enjoy lifelong 24/7 traffic from YouTube, the second largest search engine, cheapest [0.01p] laser-targeted traffic from Facebook and most dedicated like-minded following of your own.
This doesn't mean You need to be in front of the camera all day long. Neither your sales agents.

6 Figure Video Alchemy will show you:

  • How you can “manufacture celebrity” in ANY market to command high prices. Probably the single biggest secret to the success in any niche.
  • The psychological “End Game” method that creates an INSTANT BOND with your viewers …so they’ll want to buy from you even when you’re not pitching.
  • The “Giveaway Cash Magnet” that gets you sales …even though you’re giving stuff away and not actually pitching.
  • GHETTO NLP tricks that get sales the easy way. (This is more like an under-the-radar sales strategy as opposed to actual “acedemic” NLP.)
  • So in a nutshell, this is a course that’s specifically dedicated to ADVANCED SELLING STRATEGIES for videos that inspire, drive action, conversions and help you to create a strong influence of your own within your targeted audiences.

Module 1

Six Figure Video Framework Formula

How To Have Your Prospects Literally Pre-Qualify Themselves

In this module you’ll learn:

STEP-BY-STEP formula for designing and creating a captivating video that closes more sales and brings in new clients.

-You’ll learn Six Figure video squeeze page script which will show you exactly how to create a website video that grows your email list, and converts up to 50%+.

-How to apply the Formula so that you effectively communicate the value of your offer, and so that you’re seen as an INSTANT EXPERT. (You’ll NEVER sound salesy, inauthentic, or irritating again.)

-EXACT script templates and advanced video copywriting secrets to know exactly what to say in your videos. You’ll learn how to create short, simple videos that build rapid rapport, trust and desire. (this makes all of your marketing so much easier moving forward, and much more effective)

Module 2

High Quality Video Production Hacks

How to create an apple style high quality looking video, even if you only have an iPhone.

Access to unique software that you get for FREE and than makes your product images/slides/text into a top notch high-production movie in less that 10 minutes. This one tool is a game-changer for all your facebook activity as it allows to get high quality clicks for 0.01p to your site with the power of the videos it produces.

Specific step by step “How To Get Your Studio Set Up Technical Guide & Cheat Sheet”. You’ll know exactly how to set up a professional looking video studio in your home, even on a budget. Never fear, you’ll be in the know about the latest camera’s, best lighting, and microphone recommendations, to make you look and sound like a pro. (even if you’re not technical, and even if you’ve never made a video before)

Best editing software tips that save you time, so that you can get your videos up faster. The very best royalty free music resources for less then $20 that create connection, and an emotional response. (remember all sales are based on emotion, and justified with logic)

Simple “teleprompter short cut secrets” that literally can cut your production time in half.

Your videos will look like you’re being filmed by a professional videographer. (No more winging it, so that you’ll know exactly what to say, and you’ll look and sound confident as you do it)

Module 3

Going Viral. Video List Building Strategy & Secrets

The Secrets To Advanced Syndication & Distribution. Get your first 1 million views for less that $1000. Grow Your List Without Expensive Advertising.

Youtube is #2 top search engine in the world… Imagine what you can do with all that new free traffic.

In this module you’ll learn:

How to build a highly qualified list, that wants to invest with you.

Ninja copy and paste “ SEO YOUR VIDEO” optimization checklist so that you can get your video onto the front page of the search engines in as FAST as 12 HOURS, for your targeted keywords. (this alone is worth the entire investment into the program, when you think of all the money you’ll be saving on expensive advertising)

How to target the best keyword’s for your niche, so that you can get more views to your videos, and stand out amongst the millions of competing websites. (Case Studies of clients with videos on Page One of Google, ie The 4-Step Process That Generated 135,789 FREE Leads From YouTube )

Setting up your youtube channel for massive success, and optimum conversion. You’ll learn how to spread your video all over the top social media sharing sites with just a few clicks of a button. (most people completely miss this step and it keeps them from really growing their video empire faster)

3 Secrets to creating powerful calls to actions in your videos, that builds your list, and has your prospects want to go to your website. (this helps many our clients to double or triple their optins)

[TOP VALUE] Our in-house developed video marketing blueprint on targeting your YouTube video ads within 500+ relevant keywords to ensure cheapest pay per view within laser-targeted audiences.


Who am I and why should you listen?

Over the past 5 years my videos were seen by 3 million+ people. I worked with over 30 medium sized businesses to maximize their video markteing potential and get them to 6 figures in revenue. I have produced multiple videos that got organically viral and invested myself over £50K last year alone (excluding client projects and our own branded promos) in testing various YouTube and Facebook targeting strategies.

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