Merging Advantages

Integrated creative design studio.
Delighting imagination.
Storytelling and publishing company incorporating a video magazine and a branded creative agency.
For dynamic brands & international mindsets.
We love what we do. Check out the great portfolio and you will get impressed.


We are all about finding unexpected viewpoints.
We feature the makers, writers, builders, dreamers, inventors & visionaries throughout industries. Steering clear of press launches and other impersonal events we spend most of our time behind the scenes. We film in studios, homes and other places that matter to our subjects.
We task ourselves with telling the stories that may surprise, teach, challenge or make you laugh.
'Culture' can sometimes be intimidating, inaccessible or dry. We help to solve this problem by making our features about people.

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Limited editions

Inspired by the philosophies of our ambassadors and relying on a innovative and contemporary look we develop state-of-art limited edition T-shirts that:

- merge the concepts of deformalization and sportification
- epitomise effortless luxury
- endorse international mind-set
- reflect the zeitgeist of modern culture with a twisted scent of British eccentricity.

Available exclusively at Sleekster Club.


Video Production
Video Production
Photo Shoot Production
Photo Shoot Production
Fashion Product Development
Fashion Product Development

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who merge the advantages

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